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discover the Hidden cliffs in Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia has topped the list as one of my favourite travel destinations! The water is crystal clear, the people are friendly and the cliff jumping is an adventurers dream! 


The Grand Canyon was just as amazing as I thought it was going to be and the perfect way to fit some site seeing into our Vegas dance party! Check out Canyon Tours "11 sites at the Grand Canyon that CANT be missed-according to the experts" - featuring me! 

Portugal: the land of castles and custard cakes!

It isn't all custard tarts, rolling hills and beautiful buildings: WELL, it is all of those things, and MORE: Check out what to do during a quick stay in this fab city!! 

Bonjour, Montreal!

What do 2 gals do in Montreal for the weekend?

Well, to start off, the food is amazing, so pack some loose dresses!

Secondly, pack yourself a photographer because you are going to want your picture taken everywhere! 

Where we ate, drank and shopped in a city that feels like Europe but was ACTUALLY just a short flight from home! 

Ola Barcelona!

It only took me 30 years but I finally made it to Barcelona, Spain! Whats not to love, The beaches? The history? The Architecture? The SHOPPING? 

The bright colours and spanish vibes make for a great getaway: A 4 day trip wasn't enough, I will definitely be back to this amazing city!  

TAKE VACATIONS, go as many places as you can / You can always make money but you can’t always make memories

Lagos: I love you!

Want to see the most stunning beaches in Europe? Look no further, Lagos, Portugal has you covered!  


The doors of dublin

Dublin is a city of endless beer, friendly people and bright coloured doors! What to do and where to shop on a trip to Ireland!