Little Pink Peach Sangria

I was looking to make a signature drink for a friends baby shower last weekend, and i remembered I had a bottle of my favourite wine left from my last trip up to Niagara on the lake last month. I had gone up to the Konzelmann Winery last summer for a friends bachelorette when i discovered the peach wine they sell exclusively at the winery, (Thank god they only sell it there or else i may develop a drinking problem!!) Since then I have made the trip back JUST for this wine because it is delicious! I generally like a sweeter wine, so this was perfect for me, PLUS its pink! My last visit, I sampled a few wines and the lovely bartender mixed the peach wine with one of their sparkling wines and it was delightful! SO, i obviously stocked up on these as well! When i was trying to come up with a drink for this party, i thought this was a PERFECT occasion to show off this concoction! (unfortunately my pregnant friend didn't get to indulge in this, so i will have to make it again for her next year, oh darn!)

I wanted to fill the entire jug and i only have ONE bottle of wine and ONE bottle of the sparkling wine left, so i added an entire bottle of sprite to the mix, and topped it off with ice cubes and then i drained a can of peaches and poured them on top. Sounds simple right? WELL, i had just about everyone come up to me and compliment this creation. I'm not going to lie, it was amazing.

SO next time you are in the area, pick yourself up a bottle! Its the perfect drink for spring, summer and fall and who doesn't love a good sangria once in a while?