Snuck a pic from the London Eye 

Snuck a pic from the London Eye 


London was the first European city I had ever visited so I was super nervous. I had a friend who is a flight attendant and she propositioned me one day with the opportunity to go somewhere for really cheap so I couldn’t say no obviously! I only had a few days left of vacation for the year and I couldn’t take a week, so we decided on leaving Friday night and coming back Monday afternoon, which sounded like quite the whirlwind, but I was up for the challenge! She had mentioned wanted to see London- and quite frankly id been nowhere yet outside North America or the Caribbean so I was game to whatever. The other perk of going to England as your first time over-seas is that everyone speaks English so no need to purchase any translation books.

SO, our whirlwind begins Friday night with an over night flight, bringing us into London Heathrow the next morning. Nothing like a few glasses of wine to help put you to bed!! We took the train into the city, which took about 45 minutes, got to our boutique hotel, changed and were ready for the day.

We obviously started at The London Eye, taking a romantic ride, just us gals to get a birds eye view as far as you can see. We got a great look at Big Ben and the adorable red double decker buses that frequently ran down the water-lined streets. We then continued to take a river cruise that sailed under the tower bridge, it was October so it was a little chilly but still worth it. We then continued to the London Bridge and then the London Dungeon, where we took a haunted tour they created in the spirit of Halloween a few weeks later. We took the tube (which was quite clean compared to other subways systems I’ve used) to Westfield Shopping Centre which had a large assortment of stores that all helped to drain my credit card balance. We grab dinner here then shopped til we dropped and headed back to get good nights sleep.

The next morning we were up and at ‘em since it was our last full day/only full day. A good pastry and large coffee and we were on our way! We walked through the Marble Arch, took a pic with some nice police officers and headed to a hop-on-hop-off bus tour for about 25 pounds, which seemed like the best way to see the remainder of the city, given our time frame.

We started the tour at Buckingham Palace, were we got to see the changing of the guard.  It was quite amazing to actually be standing in front of this place, considering how famous it is. I obviously needed to buy some tea here in the gift shop, then we HOPPED ON to go to our next stop.

We had already done a few of the attractions the day before so we got off at Oxford Circus AKA Shopping heaven for any girl with a pulse. I remember walking down the streets and into the stores thinking how unfair it is that their shopping here is SO MUCH BETTER then at home. However when you look at the price of a dress and it says 40 pounds, you need to pretty much double that for the Canadian currency. I am pretty sure it took me like 2 years to pay off my credit card because I didn’t think of this. Leather bomber jacket- no problem! 4 pairs of boots- Charge it! Talk about buyer’s remorse, but when in Rome, right?

After I maxed myself out, we continued to walk down the cobble stone streets all the way to Harrods, where you can literally buy anything or do anything. I’ve never been somewhere that I could buy a jacket, and then head left and get an ice cream sundae on the same tab. You could actually spend an entire day in this place, it was massive! They even had their own Harrods Krispy Crème donuts, which I may or may not have indulged in.

The remainder of the day we continued taking the bus around London-Town getting on and off at the various stops. There is so much to see here, next time I come id like to travel outside the city to maybe the country side, or another part of England.

After our big day we headed back to the hotel, dolled up and got some wine to-go from Marks and Spencer’s for the walk to the bar (something that would be ideally legal back home) We spent a few hours roaming around Piccadilly Circus in the casino for a bit then on to some dancing. We ended up taking some weirdo bus back to the hotel, which took about an hour and a half; in retrospect we should have just called a cab.

The next morning was a bit of a struggle but we got up, got some pastries/coffees to go then did a quick souvenir stop- I had addicted myself to double decker chocolate bars while I was there so I needed at least 5 to take home as “gifts”.

Overall, great trip- I feel as though I saw everything I had wanted, with a few exceptions.  I will definitely be back, especially for the shopping, now that I’ve paid off my credit card!