Little Pink Omelet Quesadillas

I was in the mood for Mexican last weekend and luckily to my surprise I had all the ingredients in the kitchen to whip up my easy omelet quesadillas. I will warn you, this meal is a little heavy for the morning, so if you need to fit into a tight dress later on in the day, this may not be the breakfast of choice! If you plan to have a lazy day in a baggy sweater and want some comfort food, you have come to the right place. Not only is it delicious but it also looks nice when plated; so if you want to impress your new boyfriend in the morning, this meal may earn you a one way ticket to his heart!

Ingredients are based on a breakfast for 2

5 eggs

¼ cup red onion- finely chopped

¼ cup mixed red/yellow peppers-finely chopped

2 cups of shredded cheese (I like to use marble-but you can use cheddar or mozzarella, it doesn’t matter)

1 Avocado

4 tortilla shells

Chopped cilantro (as much as you like)

Mixed herbs to taste, I like to use basil and garlic powder

¼ cup milk

Salt and Pepper to taste

Sour Cream


**If your feeling crazy you can add already cooked chicken, pulled pork or chorizo to egg mixture


Crack eggs into mixing bowl then pour in milk and whisk.

Chop up onion and peppers then mix into the bowl, along with ½ cup of cheese.

Mix all together, then add your herbs.

Cook your omelet on the stove and put to the side when finished.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Lay out 2 tortilla shells, use ½ cup of cheese to line the bottom of shell, and then divide the omelet between the two shells.

Add remainder of cheese to the top of omelet and add the top shell.

Cook till tortilla shell becomes golden, then flip over for another 6-7 minutes.

Remove from oven and cut in half. Garnish with cilantro and half an avocado each.

Use sour cream and salsa for dipping.