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Meet LPP's newest contributor - Parisa!

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Three Incredible things to see in New York City!

The Sunset From Brooklyn Bridge!

Okay so the sun doesn’t set over The Brooklyn Bridge, but it sets behind all of the skyscrapers. (See Photo). I made sure that whilst I was in New York, I managed to see this. Low an behold, it was phenomenal. Not only that, but you get to walk across the bridge too, which is pretty awesome!

Time Square

There’s just something about Time Square. There’s atmosphere in the air. It’s busy. The combination of the fast paced locals or the dwindling tourist. It can be quite a task navigating your way through, but it’s really a sight you must see.

Central Park

So whilst in central park, you have a few methods of transport. You can walk, cycle or take a horse and carriage. I personally chose to cycle around, as my friends and I had managed to haggle a company down to $6 per hour. Back of the net! Anyway, Central Park is literally incredible. In a vast world of skyscrapers, you really can feel suffocated. Central Park is the perfect place to get away and relax. This summer I worked for a camp in New Jersey. I worked there for 90 days, which was the time that my visa allowed. After my visa expired, I was allowed a 30 day grace period to travel around the US, which is something I had always looked forward to. However, if you leave the country within the grace period you may not be allowed back into the US. I travelled across to Canada to visit my aunt, fortunately though I had applied for an ESTA, before I started travelling, which allowed me to re enter the US as a tourist. If it had not had been for the ESTA programme, I would have been stuck in Canada and almost certainly have to book a new flight home. The ESTA programme allows for unlimited entry into the US for two years and only costs $14. Visit https://www.estaform.org for more information, this website saved a lot of hassle and potentially money. Life saver.