A travel and lifestyle blog based out of Canada! I am a girl who is obsessed with travelling- I hate sitting still and am always looking for the next adventure whether it is across the ocean or in my back yard.  I have travelled to numerous countries within North America, Europe and the Caribbean & still have numerous places left to check off my bucket list! Follow me from one place to the next!


Dublin isn't all pubs, shopping, cobblestone alley-ways and great food- JUST KIDDING, yes it is, plus much more! Check out what I did during my stay in Ireland and where to SHOP 'til ya drop!

Dear Lagos: I think i am in love with you, please don't tell my boyfriend! What to do when on the most beautiful beaches in europe!

LISBON, PORTUGAL: Put this place on your bucket list ASAP! Not only is it beautiful, but the city is built upon hills, so you will be leaving with BUNS of STEEL! 

Welcome to Barcelona, Spain: Where there is endless shopping, thousands of tourists and people don't eat dinner 'til 10pm! Tips on how to navigate around this crazy but beautiful city!